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Your Money: Child benefit changes and stamp price rises

Another great Your Money from the BBC and Declan Curry:

Your Money: Child benefit changes and stamp price rises

In this week’s Your Money, Declan Curry looks at how changes to child benefit could mean couples disclosing their earnings to each other.

And the show looks at the impact of rising stamp prices in the UK.


It’s one great thing of not having the financial value of stamps on the stamp in the UK, as you can just buy as many before they rise on Monday, try a few corner shops to get them at the current price.  I know I’ve got 5 extra books of second class stamps.

Your Money - BBC, get best mortgage deals, lower your energy bill & reduce your tax bill

This weeks Your Money with Declan Curry has some great information on saving you money, such as getting the best deals on your mortgage, lowering your energy bill with more information and reducing your tax bill with charitable donations:

Your Money: Bringing down your tax bill

In this week’s Your Money Declan Curry looks at income tax with regard to charitable donations, and how to make the most of your mortgage deal.

The show also features a report about new rules aimed at making the energy market fairer to consumers.


there’s also talk about pensions, but personally I’m pretty much against pensions, I know that’s a big statement, but I prefer to use the tax free cash allowance with an ISA, obviously if you’re earning enough to get the tax reductions for putting into a pension then it maybe worth it, but people 30 or under by the time they get to pension age there will be nothing left in the pot, I’d suggest trying to save as much tax free as you can, but not worry about a pension!

remember if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Dec 3

Your Money and Finance News.

Money Savings tip 3: Although BBC cancelled the great show Working Lunch right at the start of the financial crash, a very strange idea!  That said if you keep an eye on BBC’s Your Finance this is shown every Saturday and is a very good show to keep an eye on, although not as indepth as Working Lunch and only gives a few tips it’s still decent.

Another tip is to keep an eye on Finance News to get news on what’s going on in the finance world in the UK, it has some great news and keeps you up to date about a lot of the finance news!

If you do have any saving tips feel free to post them here on Tumblr or add them to Saver Scene’s Saving Tips.


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